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The free plans for this kick wall are really straight forward. It should take about one hour to build if you are somewhat handy. If you don't feel comfortable building the kick wall, give a friend their favorite case of beer or bottle of wine and sit back and watch them. You can also download a pdf version of the plans.


Supply List (lumber store can cut plywood and other wood if needed)

Sheet of plywood (exterior grade) - 3/4"thick works well

4 10 foot 2x4s

1 10 foot 2x6 

Exterior screws - 3 inches (about 35) and 2 inches (about 15) (or nails) 


Cut plywood 44" x 27"

Note: A sheet of 4' x 8' plywood makes three kick walls


Screw through front of plywood to connect 2x6s 44" (2) x 16" (2) to back of plywood


Screw 2x4s 47" (1) x 27" (2) to the top and sides of plywood


Screw through front of plywood to connect 2x4s 36" (2) to bottom back


Screw 2x4s 41" (2) between 2x4s in step 4


Screw 2x4s 33" miter cuts (2) as braces on back

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 8.31.22 PM.png
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