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A kick wall is a must for any soccer player. Technique is so important. Key components of technique include being able to properly pass a ball with the right amount of weight and receive a ball with the correct touch - a wall provides a great space to work on perfecting these elements. When practicing alone, using a wall can be a game changer for players who want to own their developement.

I built the kick wall you see on the homepage five years ago for my son. It's literally weathered snow, rain, cold, heat, and 1000's of hours of use and is still standing. The feedback from a wall is perfect - you will get back what you put in.


You can watch videos of the kick wall getting some use, look at free plans to build your own kick wall, and check out what others built.

If you have access to a kick wall what are you waiting for? Go use it! if you don't, or are interested in another option,I provide free plans to build a kick wall that is a perfect size, solid, and cost under $40 in materials. 

If you want to send a video or picture of a kick wall you built or are already using, send me a message through my Twitter account

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